Paras's photography is one of the greatest items we shopped for ourwedding. Photos are the only memory that goes longer than life. It was 1st month of our weeding and we were waiting for the pics from the local photographer who clicked our wedding photos. We did not like the photos clicked by our traditional photographer at all. That week itself we got the candid album from my friend paras.  The pics were so impressive that we upload all of them online. We keep visiting those pics often to cherish our wedding and every time we visit those pics we fall in love with each other and obviously the photographer. We keep thinking how can we look so good. He never misses to capture

Archana & Rahul

Khyati & Maan

I have known Paras for 9 years which started with an auto ride from the Jamshedpur station to the XL campus. He was oozing geekiness - a maroo business family, half a CA and doing an MBA. Playing tricks with a DSLR would be the last thing I would have bet on for this man. But he chose to click & soon all the pictures that made me feel good about myself had the same cursive watermark in common "Paras Gangh". Many a times his photographs have made an odd moment look special & an ordinary expression look extraordinary. Hats off to your craziness & creativity.
flash moments of the occasion. We are glad that we got our wedding pics clicked by them we can only regret that we got them covered only one side of house functions. You are worth the best especially for your best life event.

Nimi & Abhi

Paras clicked snaps during my wedding in Indore about two years back. I have always known him as a great person a very good friend but only when I saw the pics he has taken I became an admirer of his photography skills as well! I don’t even know when he clicked those snaps during wedding but the truth is those are the best ones. I have got so many likes and compliments on facebook and in person which I could have never imagined. The best thing photography is how he captures the simplicity and emotes what's going on in person's mind through his art. Thanks to him for capturing most memorable day of my life in an amazing way!!!

angles, at every given situation. His pictures almost tell a story of our wedding journey. His outputs are extremely high quality, not to mention whoever we have shown the photos around the world are in awe and would like him to be their wedding photographer. His pictures are brilliant and something we see every now and then. He manages to make every click evergreen, so every time we see it, it brings back all the loving memories of our special day. More than anything, he is an extremely humble and a genuine person. Everybody at the wedding thought he was the bride's friend and not a photographer. He has his warm ways of getting to know everyone in the family during the wedding and connects with everyone on an emotional level which shows through the pictures as the family and friends feel free to share their energy with him! Over the past 2 years he has become a very close and dear friend to us and our family. The rule in our family now is that whoever is getting married, it is only and only going to be clicked by Paras Gangh! We HIGHLY recommend this ROCKSTAR photographer at any of your special events. He is nothing but GENIUS! That one coffee shop meeting in search for our wedding photographer has turned into a lifetime of friendship. We are so happy to be part of your journey and wish you nothing but epicness in your years ahead.

Nisha & Vikas

I met Paras at a friend’s wedding. He was trying to convince a parlor lady to let him in the girls only section, so that he could take few clicks of the bride to be. There are many good photographers, but it takes a pro to identify when and where the moment needs to be captured. After looking at wedding pictures of my friend, I asked him to cover my wedding as well. He has a knack of capturing just the right moment and creating a few when needed. I got amazing results with the pictures. I have been a follower of his work ever since.

Diya & Aditya

Where do we even begin with Paras? Adi and I were flying down from New York and Montreal to have our wedding union in India. Amongst all the brouhaha most of us tend to overlook the importance of photography at the wedding, as that is all the memory we live with for the rest of our lives. With that in thought, we were in search for a candid wedding photographer who has the essence of capturing the moments, the emotions, the joy, the intricacy of relationship and not just a mere "1, 2, 3  let's pose" photographer. 
Paras has not only captured every beautiful frame but did so, amazingly, in a non-intrusive manner. When we saw our own wedding photographs, we were surprised how he took all those!
Paras Gangh